This will give you a general idea of the range of prices. However, please note that my pricing is somewhat flexible, depending on such intangibles as how long a piece has been around, or the current actual cost of fabrication (bronzes, for instance), which can change. The works are listed in alphabetical order for ease of finding. Only listed are works for sale - if not in the list, works are in private collections or not for sale. Do contact me if you have any interest in pursuing something.

Anima Marble (Vermont), 18”H x 17”W x 10” $4,000
Bond Bronze, 28” (includes base) $3,000
  Neo-matrix (resin material, white, includes base) $700
Cocoon Bronze, edition of 12, 15” (inc. stone base) $2,250
Cradle Imperial black marble (Tennessee), 28” H $6,000
Dream Marble (Vermont), 28” $3,500
Double Torso Owen Sound limestone, 22” H $2,000
Draped Torso Marble (Vermont), 32” H $6,000
  Hydrocal cast, 14” H $250
Freedom Bronze, 12” H (includes stone base) $2,000
Girl with hair Indiana limestone, 28” H $750
Hanging torso Owen Sound limestone, 18” $450
Healing Touch Bronze, (inc. stone base) $750
Repose Bronze, 18” $2,000
Salmon run Green marble 12” W x 9” H $500
Seasons of Woman 3 bronze figures, each 18” high, edition of 12 mounted on round or half-round polished stone base $6,500
  Individual figures from “Seasons of Woman”:  
  Spring Bronze, 18” (includes base) $2,000
  Summer Bronze, 18” (includes base) $2,000
  Autumn Bronze, 18”,(includes base) $2,000
Sky King Marble, 14” H $1,250
Serenity Marble (Vermont), 18” H (includes granite base) $2,500
Slumber Marble, 13” W x 10” H $400
Spirit Ascending Bronze, 18” Green or traditional bronze patina (base $100, optional) $3,000
Split Torso OwenSound limestone, 23” H (two figures on soapstone base) $2,000
Three Graces Owen Sound limestone, 30” H (three figures, inc. pedestal) $9,000
Sculptures cast in Hydrocal (plaster/cement mixture) are each hand-cast, hand-finished and signed.
Hanging Figure Hydrocal cast, 21” $150
Pillow Hydrocal cast, 20” $150
4 small figures Nocturne, Towel, Coiffure & Bath  
  Semi-reliefs, each 7.5 X 10” in white, unframed ea. $100
  With bronze patina ea. $150
Draped Torso Hydrocal cast, 14” H $250
Steel Forest Double, laser-cut steel pine trees, one dark and one polished silver, welded legs to stand out from wall. Approx. 46” H X 29” W  
  In steel $650
  In aluminum (best for outside) $900
Silver Pine Single laser-cut pine tree, polished silver with welded legs  
  In steel $300
  In aluminum (best for outside) $450
Forest Window 2’X 4’ with negative (cut-out) image. Two different trees can be installed singly or as a pair. With welded legs for wall installation, or drilled for hanging.  
  In steel, polished silver or rusted and sealed $300
  In aluminum (best for outside) ea. $400
  4’ X 8’ version in aluminum, for garden setting ea. $1,500
  (Artist can install, with additional material costs only)  
Silver Forest as illustrated, single design with one reversed. (Artist can install, with additional material costs only) ea. $1,500
If you have any interest in a piece in the Sculpture Garden, let’s talk.